Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Party’s over.


And yes,  that’s a bag of empty beer cans.  We didn’t really drink that much,  but did manage to fill up the rest of the bag over the last week.

I realise that a couple days have passed here and I’ve not uttered a peep.  Mea culpa.  Some days the force just isn’t strong in this one.


The “kids” are presently in Portorož, Slovenia.   I took them to the airport on Sunday to pick up their rental car.  They rented an apartment of some sort right on the coast.  I’m sure I’ll see pictures.  Travelling Companion and I briefly entertained the notion of tooling on down there with them for a very short while,  but as she would have needed to be back at work on Tuesday,  it just wasn’t something we were willing to do.  If I take a gander at Google maps, the drive is just under five hours.  No wonder that Daughter Number One sounded a bit frazzled when they called later on Sunday to report their safe arrival.  She and her cousin are more adept at driving standard than the significant other,  so I think he got to lounge in the back seat for the entire trip.   Lucky bugger.

Oh if I only got to lounge in the back seat once in a while.


I had to get the obligatory departure shot before they went to their car.


The whole experience is sort of like going to the cottage for a few days.  You know there’s the possibility of buying stuff when you’re there,  but there are still a few things worth taking along.   That,  then means having to lug it some how.  They managed.


The one thing that T.C. and I realised by having “the kids” here,  was just how much we’d like to be home.  It’s not like we live together or need to for that matter,  but when we are “home”, at least we’re all not only on the same continent,  but in the same city.  I’d even settle for the same continent. 

Don’t misunderstand.  Everyone needs their space,  but when you don’t get to see your offspring any more often than every six months to a year,  a little more familiarity would be quite acceptable.  I don’t need to know what pair of shoes you wore yesterday,  but a Sunday dinner once in a while would be pleasant.  Just being in the next room listening to them play scrabble was quite enjoyable.  I think I’ve already mentioned why I don’t play.  Something to do with attention span.


I think I left off my little travel saga in Salzburg.

Salzburg is pretty neat actually.  I do recommend it.

Up until a few days ago,  they did have the Salzburg Festival which,  for anyone not in attendance,  can be a bit of a mixed blessing.  Some areas of the core do get shut off for various performances.  So unless you’re going specifically to hear/see an opera,  it could be a bit frustrating.



Had we stuck around for the evening,  we could have seen Don Giovanni.  We weren’t sticking around. 




I’m not going to load you down with pictures of Salzburg, but I did want to stick in a couple here.


There’s the obligatory pic of Salzburg Castle.  More on that wiki article.


Just happened to notice the date on this church.  It’s a little hard to make out,  but it’s 1491.  Back when the world was flat.  You can come up with your own Columbus segue.


The girls wanted to explore the catacombs a bit,  so they were off.  You can read as little or as much as you’d about St. Peter’s cemetery and the catacombs.  Travelling Companion’s knees weren’t up to the climb,  so we stayed below.



Dana and Ljubi (Daughter Number One and cousin) are poking their heads out of one of the openings on the left. 


Now,  here’s something you’re definitely not going to see in your neck of the woods.



This was on a couple different doors that we noticed.  Magda (T.C.’s sister)  mentioned that they used to do this sort of thing when she lived over here.  Any ideas?


Well,  if you put the names Casper, Melchior and Balthazar in place of the three initials,  it might make a little more sense.   It’s a representation of the year 2012. 

I never had seen such a thing, or I might have seen it,  and had no clue what it was.



I’m skimming on ahead here,  since there’s no point in getting too long winded.  The next part of the trip was on to Spittal an der Drau. 


to Spittal cropped

And there’s a whole history lesson there,  that I’ll try and relate tomorrow. 

Meh,  if I feel like it.


Come back if you can.


Thanks for your perseverance up to this point.

And yes,  keep that stick on the ice.




  1. It is always fun to see the kids again after a year. They are just so busy with their own lives it's hard to get them to stay still for too long. Does that mean you're thinking seriously of moving back to the continent?

  2. Being on the same continent with you kids is definitely a plus!

  3. Yes you have been busy entertaining. now you can relax.

  4. sure sounds to me like you miss your 'girls'!..nothing like some quality time spent with them!

  5. Your always teaching me stuff..

    Using blessed chalk, (or if not blessed any chalk) either above the door, outside, or at the side of the door outside or inside, the markings 20 + C + M + B + 12 are made. 20 and 12 being the year, C, M, B being the intitials of the traditional names of the wise men, Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, they can also stand for Christus Mansionem Benedicat, the Latin words meaning, May Christ bless this home.

    I had no idea!


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