Monday, February 6, 2012

Still here. Still cold.

And this Siberian weather is supposed to hang around all week.

Oh joy.


The spread in today’s rag is self explanatory:

*&%%&!!  Cold!



I must say though that we’re somewhat blissfully unaware of just how cold it is outside,  since we had the good fortune to find a brand new place that’s well insulated with a fabulous heating system.   This was the underlying reason for putting up the thermometer outside.  Most days I have no clue what it’s like out,  unless it’s warm weather and the windows are open.  

I can dig it.

We happened to both simultaneously notice the windows of the building across the way yesterday:

Yes,  you can click on the image.

It appears as if the four windows on the left have the curtains drawn?   Um….no,  that would be frost.   My guess is that not only are the windows single paned,  but with a certain amount of living going on in there,  their windows have completely frosted up.  Gah!  I think the last time I experienced that was back on the farm.  In my bedroom!  No huge desire to repeat that experience!  The place on the right has been empty for about six months now,  so no frost on that side.


Just a slightly better view:


I did briefly go out yesterday to part with some recycling,  but that was it.   On Saturday, Travelling Companion wanted to pay a visit to a fabric shop down the street a ways,  but I dropped her off with the car and went back to fetch her again.  Her bum knees aren’t conducive to walking all that far,  and it seems the cold makes them even more painful.



This place is probably the pinnacle when it comes to having a wide assortment of fabrics to choose from.   They do have a website,  and if you’re so inclined,  you’re certainly welcome to take a look here.   It’s in German of  course,  but knock yourself out.   If you happen to bolster your courage and go to the site,  whether your German is up to snuff or not,  you cannot help but notice (until they change it at least)  that it’s “Ball Saison”?    Well,  what that means is,  there are some fabrics that are available right about now that will either be discontinued or hard to find at any other time.  (and quite possibly at any other location)   We won’t get into prices or anything,  but when there’s names on the tags like “Gucci” or “Versace”,  you can kind of get the idea?

Now you have to understand that,  Travelling Companion certainly wasn’t looking for some designer name on fabric,  but when she came across something that jumped out at her,  and she just had to have it,  it did turn out to be from Versace.  

We didn’t even know they had fabric!  Such clueless hicks.

Having said that,  there was another one that we passed on,  even though it was really cool,  but since about four metres would be needed to make a dress,  and at €150 a metre,  we just couldn’t quite get our heads around spending €600,  and then still not even having anything sewn together yet.  Yikes.  (And that wasn’t the most expensive one either!)


I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the fabric she bought,   since T.C. squirreled it away as soon as we got home.   Too late now.


Somehow I feel like I should be buying lumber,  or tools.   Something.  But I’ll try and control myself.   Canada is really the place to buy lumber when it comes right down to it,  and the VAT here precludes any dealskis on tools.  I still may actually break down and buy something,  if for no other reason than to have something with some sentimental value.   We’ll see.  We won’t get off on a whole “tool discussion”.   Not today at least.


So here’s something for you to chew on.   Possibly as a result of (hello?) spending a couple Euros at the fabric store,  the ladies who were waiting on T.C. offered her a copy of a fashion magazine,  which she graciously accepted.

Here’s the irony.   I’m the only one on the team who can actually figure out what’s being said,  but have no interest,  and admittedly T.C. only leafed through the thing and then put it down.    I suppose it’ll grace our coffee table until I get around to giving it the heave. 

Even if there were no language issues,  who the heck reads these things?   Not only that,  the price on the cover is €6.    That’s like TEN BUCKS!  Holy Moly!



It seemed to me to be a whole whack of advertisements,  and very little substance.   I was even willing to slog through an article on fashion,  if there even was something to be found.   Just one of life’s little mysteries for me I guess. 

They do seem to sell these things.  I mean, they must.  Right? Unless it’s only to ladies with more money than brains,  and fabric shops.   I guess I’ll never figure that one out.   Sorry if I’ve just insulted anyone who has a yearly subscription.   More power to ya.  I somehow suspect that anyone with a subscription to Vogue magazine hasn’t deemed this blog worthy of their perusal.  Just a hunch.


I guess that’s about it for today’s blather.   Sucks to be a New England fan today.  Sorry.   Hope it was fun anyway.   Sounded like it was a pretty good game,   although we don’t find out about these things until the next day in there here parts.    If you have to wonder why,  then you haven’t been paying attention.

(“only a passing interest”  +  “six hour time difference” = “obvious answer”)



Also,  as we have no immediate travel plans,  there shouldn’t be any concerns about the cold weather following us to any warmer destinations.   So relax.


Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I think Vogue is the biggest wasted of paper. I ONLY look at one in a doc. or dentist office. I am with substances and most of the advertised items I can't afford or don't want. Enjoy your day.

  2. Sure glad we're not in the deep freeze like you guys. I'm rather enjoying our 70 degree weather. I don't even look at Vogue - talk about a waste of time.


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