Saturday, August 13, 2011

Words that strike fear into the hearts of men.

And ladies,  don’t be upset.  It was some sort of quote or something,  so I can’t really say “persons”, or “people”.  That just wouldn’t work.


I’m not talking about, “That’s a hernia,  you’ll need to get that fixed”.

Although I didn’t get that done right away,  like my Doctor thought I should,  since I was a big-assed chicken. 

Or, “I’m sending you for a Contrast Barium Enema”.

Which,  if you’ve never had one,  is actually not that bad.  Mind you,  when it comes to things you’d like to do for fun,  having someone shoot some white liquid up your poo hole by way of a rubber hose might not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

I suppose there are people who do it for “fun”,  but I don’t know any of them,  and if it happens to be somebody’s hobby,  I’d just as soon that they kept that little gem to themselves.

No,  the worst part of that ordeal was lying on that really hard stainless steel table.   I think that hurt worse than the hose in the hole.  And the hose in the hole part was mostly only some mild discomfort.

It did give me a chance to try out some of my “Burning ring of fire”  type of humour though.   I don’t think the technician was amused.  When someone says,  “You’re worse than my husband”,  that might be your cue to ease up on your Johnny Cash impersonation.  

Hey, she already had a hose up my butt,  I figured,  what the hell?

You can click on that now,  if you want to hear the tune,  or you can wait until the end….if you can read music,  that is.



No,  what I’m talking about here,  are the following words, “We need to clean the whole house!”


Yup,  those words.


I think I’d sooner go for the enema.


Altogether now:

♪ “Love,  is a burnin’ thing…”♪





Oh,  almost forgot.  Seven more sleeps!






  1. The operative word in that sentence being "We" Right?

  2. Yes. That would be the one.


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