Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not much to see here.

So don’t squint too hard.

I realised this morning that we should have written down a phone number for the leather bag place,  since I certainly can’t find anything on line.  *groan*.   The big idea was to try and get it repaired during the time that we’re back in Canada. 
I have very little desire to either take the subway all the way down there or to peddle my arse there just to find a phone number.  We’ll strike a committee and have a meeting.  Or something. 
I’ve been watching a construction/demolition crew do a little number on a building down the street for a couple weeks now.  Unfortunately for our “Friseur” (barber/hairdresser)  it’s right over her front door.  She has regular customers though,  so that’s some consolation.  When the owners of our building added onto the building we're in,  the cafe downstairs suffered for a couple years.  His business is all “walk in”.  I felt kind of bad for them.  Not much I can do.
I might have mentioned in the past how they do tend to try and built “up” here,  as opposed to “out”.  Just a concept that reinforces the notion of how wasteful we are in North America with our urban sprawl.   If you’ve ever had the chance to fly into the greater New York area,  or the Greater Toronto Area during daylight, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  I use those examples only since I’ve seen them first hand.  I’m sure the same can easily be said about any of the bigger cities in North America.   L.A. comes to mind.

So,  I took this first picture a few days ago,  August 10th to be exact.   Isn’t it great to have all that extra info there is in a digital photograph?  I’d never remember when I took most pictures,  and being able to look at the “properties” is sure handy.

And just now I had to run upstairs to put something in the storage locker (one of the by-products of cleaning up it seems)  and noticed a bit of a change!

Well then.  Seems there’s no more roof.  We’ll see what they come up with over the next year or so.  
They’re never really sure how long these things will take.  There can be all kinds of little snags along the way.   They told the “Friseur” that it could be a couple years.

In the case of the building we’re in,  it was built in 1908,  so my guess is that the structure itself was substantial enough to take whatever extra weight a couple rooftop apartments might add.   Then of course there’s all that extra “garden” stuff that some people add.

OK you can look away now.

Four more sleeps!

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  1. That construction really does hurt the little business owner. And two years. That's a long time to try and survive. I'll be curious to see the pictures as the roof is raised.


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