Thursday, August 18, 2011

I miss our dryer.

I do realise that those are not words that one would expect from some middle-aged guy,  but it’s true.

We had such a critter when we were in the Netherlands,  since we wrote it into our lease agreement.  The one slight oversight was however,  that I should have included the word “nieuw” (Dutch for “new”,  obviously) in there somewhere,  since both machines were well used, and the washing machine in particular was a bit of a comical affair.  It would wash the clothes eventually,  but there were times when it would take most of the day.  And then there was the bleating noise that it would emit.  I have video footage,  but I won’t torture you with it.

All water under the bridge,  which does make me think of the times when I was tempted to take the laundry down to the canal and beat it on a rock,  but we had better not digress.

Oh, and by the way,  the laundry has been my job for many years now.  It’s just the way it worked out.  I know there was a couple moments there when I liked my shirts pressed a certain way when I was in the restaurant business,  but it wasn’t until later when I got the job as a Caretaker that I took over the whole operation.

You thought “The Caretaker Chronicles” was just something I made up?   Um….no. 

It was the first job I ever had,  where I only had to be there for eight hours a day.  What a concept!

This was a considerable contrast to the some 60 hours a week I was putting in during that whole restaurant phase.   There are were times when I would miss the excitement of running a restaurant,  but I’ve never missed having to spend all those hours away from my family. 


When we moved here of course,  we had to buy a bunch of stuff,  which included a washing machine.  We didn’t choose the absolute cheapest one,  even though it really and truly only had to hold on for a couple years (which has now turned into three, but whatever)  but instead got the next level up.  It does a fine job.  I understand that,  for a few Euros more,  the more expensive model will spin your clothes even faster.  Considering this one spins at 1200 r.p.m. on certain settings,  I’m not sure how much more wrung out the clothes could possibly be.  They’re already as wrinkled as they can possibly be,  so I certainly don’t want anything “more” in that department.

Which brings me to the lack of a dryer.  We don’t have one here.  There’s no real place for one,  even though all the outlets are 220 volts,  and the thing could go anywhere.   It would still just be one more “thing” we’ll have to get rid of when we move.

I suppose that a dryer is something that we do tend to use maybe just a tad too much,  and take for granted in Canada?   I’ll quite happily put some things out on the line,  or on a drying rack.  Some things though,  like t-shirts,  or any shirt for that matter,  is going to be a heck of a sight less wrinkled if you throw it in the dryer.  The absurdity of having to iron a t-shirt before putting it on because the thing is too wrinkled to wear to a dog fight just makes my head spin some days.  I guess on the bright side,  I could say my ironing skills have improved,  but I was already fairly proficient. 


I certainly hope our top of the line,  gas fired Whirlpool dryer is still in top form,  ‘cause I’m actually looking forward to using it when I get home!  


Whirlpool Duet combo

(the one on the right)


Geez,  that’s kind of sad,  isn’t it?  



OK, just to balance things out,  I’m also looking forward to using my table saw.  How’s that?

I actually don’t think I have a picture,  but this one I found on the web is REALLY close,  including the fact that it’s on wheels,  as well as the added table part on the right hand side there for a router.

Maybe I’ll need to take some more pictures when I get home, but this one seems to be perfectly serviceable in the meanwhile.


General 350


I have to briefly comment on a comment from yesterday.  Just a slight technicality,  it’s “We’re not happy until your not happy.”   It’s a minor thing,  but as an airport slogan, it’s important to get these things right.


We’re down to two.







  1. hard to live without a washer and dryer..although I try hard to use my clothesline when the weather cooperates...I will say I must be from the old school..we have the newest set of 'bosch' front loading machines..and I totally dislike them...what ever happened to the days of 'rinse that out by hand' and throw it in the washer and crank it over to spin then throw it in the dryer...I don't like these new fangled machines~guess I'm technically scares me...once that door is locked theres no going back..can't choose water level...the machine is smart enough to try and figure that out...oh well they cost too much for us to switch now so I guess I just have to live with it...

  2. Since I use the campground laundries I don't miss not having a washer and dryer in the RV. In fact, it's so easy to get everything done at the same time instead of one load at a time. But Jim does miss his saw and table.

  3. I must admit, I'm quite excited to see that you're looking forward to using your table saw :)
    I may have some wood laying around that's waiting for someone not frightened of said table saw to cut it down to appropriately sized pieces.
    Not that I'm only looking forward to you doing my work or anything! hehe. I miss my Daddoo!


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