Saturday, January 25, 2014

Uh-oh, the Mothership is down!


Hm,  haven’t seen this one in a while.  Guess it’s trying to tell me something.  Step away from the computer!


Of course,  by the time I’ve actually written this,  they’ve already fixed the problem. 

Funny though how there’s a collective “What?  Oh no!”  that reverberates throughout the blogging world.   Seriously,  just close the browser and walk away.


At one point last night I was fully expecting the power to go out,  or at least for the cable to go down.  Especially since I saw a Cogeco (cable) truck lurking in the neighbourhood last night.  Always makes me a bit suspicious.

See,  we got a little bit of a blow in these parts.  I had briefly considered taking a walk down to the store at some point during the day yesterday,  but thought better of it.  I don’t own a balaclava,  and I had visions of having frost bitten cheeks in fairly short order.  And I don’t mean the ones I sit on either.

Probably just as painful.



I know you don’t necessarily want to see pictures of snow but hey,  I endure lots of pictures of cacti,  so there you go.

It did finally take a break by about mid-day,  even though my efforts from this morning looked like this by that point.



This would normally make me kinda grumpy,  but Travelling Companion said something this morning that sort of made my day.

It was something like, “I think for the first time ever,  this house is comfortable.”


Well now,  that only took me a little over twenty years.  Some (all) new windows,  a bunch of insulation,  some expanding foam and caulking was all it took.   Well,  and a few bucks. 

I’m *really* enjoying the new windows.   Especially up here in this corner room,  where reportedly my son-in-law would typically be wearing a tuque if he wanted to be in here on his computer and there was an east wind.   (This was when we were away in Europe,  btw)

It was nasty.  Didn’t matter where you set the thermostat either,  since the old windows leaked like the proverbial sieves.  Now I can stand there in the corner with the wind raging just outside and nary feel a thing.  And I’m not wearing a tuque either.  Not even….well,  never mind. 

Most of our stormy weather seems to blow in from the east,  so having the east side of the house sealed up sure helps.

Doesn’t take much to make a feller happy.  Not freezing yer wobbly bits off is a good start.


So, other than clearing off the driveway,  it’s a stay indoors and drink hot chocolate sort of day.  Well,  I’ve only had the one,  and that’s plenty.   The *idea* of having a hot chocolate seems to be more appealing to me than actually drinking it. 

I did jump in the car and nip off to the store for some essentials.  Travelling Companion and her sister usually shop on Saturday mornings, but they decided to give that program a pass.  The roads were a bit greasy,  but the Merc doesn’t seem to mind.  I didn’t mind either,  since the garage is heated,  and so is the store.   So I only had to endure the 20 or so meters between the car and the building.  No need to get all carried away.



Now,  speaking of making a feller happy,  I was having a little chat with one of my brothers yesterday way off there in Nova Scotia.   He’s been retired from the Air Force for a few years now,  so when it storms,  he has no need to go anywhere either.  

What he likes to do though,  is take his team of horses into the woods and snake out a couple trees that he’s cut down the previous afternoon.   He has a rather large woodlot,  and having a wood burning furnace basically means not having to pay too darned much to heat the house.  Feeding the horses counts I suppose.

I see I’ll have to post a link to the YouTube page,  since the MotherShip isn’t quite up to speed in the Video Embedding department.   Very annoying.   I’ve had this issue in the past,  and basically trying to embed a video will end up crashing Live Writer.   *grumble* 

Such earth shattering problems.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad you gave up on that walk to the store. I've already seen in the news pictures of fish, a moose and a fox frozen in the ice. Didn't want to see a picture of blog land's favorite caretaker in likewise condition! ;c)

  2. Oh no & I've got more Cactus pictures for tonight's post:((

  3. Add a little Bailey's to your hot chocolate - warms up the cockles of your heart... or other wobbly bits.

  4. Remembering our new windows and a heated's life's little things! Down here in LA...lower Alabama they say...another blast on the horizon and they are betting on those c.f.ystal wet icy things...oh Joy! Next year I'll meet you in the

  5. I've never gotten that one from Google - I usually get Server Not Found. Or connectivity problem. Gotta love/hate thing going here. So is your son-in-law going to come over and sit in that corner so he can appreciate all your hard work? I prefer cacti to snow and ice. Just saying.

  6. The Mothership is down! Space Control to Major Tom! Good stuff!

    I like seeing pics of snow especially since I'm down in the nice, hot desert right now.

  7. You too noticed it - I had a couple of friends say gmail and Google were down. We get to depend on these things and find it odd when the technology doesn't work. I wonder if it was the Russians? Or NSA? Or aliens?

  8. We had same issue with Mothership for a while, thought it had something to do with either cold snowy weather or cactus. But all is good now.
    Keep those snow pictures coming so we now when not to come home.

  9. I had to laugh, because you immediately saw my Facebook panic post when that ship went down. I know know know I am entirely too dependent on that google machine. I never store emails anywhere but in gmail any more, never print stuff...keep track of my own like of the google calendar and my past life on picasaweb photos and my google blog. pretty darn scary to actually pay attention to all that when it decided to blip. Dumb Back Up. Keep a paper calendar...etc etc etc. The world could actually end someday...or google might at least.

  10. You're sure welcome to bring them on - those snowy images. Makes us feel a lot better, even down here in that cool part of Florida.

  11. No mother ship problems here. But I have one of these "fruity" things. Healthy stuff. :))


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