Monday, January 20, 2014

No excuse, really.

Well, a few days have slipped by,  and it’s been all quiet on the blog front.  My apologies to Erich Maria Remarque.

Most of the time I just think “who cares?”,  which is also probably why I don’t have a twitter account,  nor do I put all that much on the Book of Face.  I won’t offer any opinions as to whether half that sh*t is relevant to life as we know it,  but I suppose it’s similar to the type of gossip that would have been traded over the back yard fence once upon a time.  Only, more annoying. 

I spent a few hours this weekend revisiting Travelling Companion’s sewing room,  since it wasn’t quite right.  I don’t even think this was something that came from her either.  We just realised that the sewing table that she’s been using for a few years now is a might too small is all.  So there was something that is referred to on the line as an “IKEA hack”.   Sound goofy,  I know.   But it’s when you take some IKEA junk that you have lying around,  and turn it into something slightly more useful.

Back in Wienerland,  we had this set of drawers and a black top that we were using as a writing/computer desk.  It’s been in the basement since we came home,  basically waiting to either be claimed or put to use.

DSC_0002 .


The top that goes with it is somewhat small,  so I rummaged around for a piece of particle board that we had previously used as a “computer desk”  for the longest time.  It too was waiting to either go by the wayside or be put to use somewhere.   Just hadn’t quite figured out which.


I put some oak around the edges just to try and dress it up a little,  and then removed the bracket from the black IKEA top and slapped it on there.


That then became the sewing table,  and the old one got moved over for serger duty.

I guess I could put some machines up there.


Now,  each open side is open to the heat from the convector that runs along the wall there.   That also means that I was kinda sweating buckets getting each of them attached to the wall.  Oy. 


I had offered to do something like this:


Where the machine is recessed so that the arm is below the surface,  but T.C. said she was fine with the way it was. 

So, I think we’re good *for now*.   I offered to slap up a cork board,  or some pictures,  and I’m waiting to hear back. 

There may be a committee involved.


There was a question last week about Cat 5 cable,  and just what the heck that is?   I’m sure it’s pretty self evident,  but it’s the wire that’s used for a hard wired internet connection.  The blue stuff.  


Looks like dis.

There are ISP providers that *claim* that their wireless routers are so strong that you can go anywhere in your dwelling and stream to your “internet device”.  We can’t just say “Computer” anymore,  ‘cause there be many *things* these days. 

I have my doubts.  And when it comes right down to it,  being hard wired is kind of fool proof.  Our system here at home has been secured for years,  but I’d bet that I could drive around the neighbourhood and pick up any number of wifi signals that aren’t.  People are generally not very careful with their wifi,  and if your neighbour is “borrowing” yours,  then you’re paying for something that you’re not able to fully use.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


OK,  I’ll dig out a couple more Maui pictures,  just ‘cause I said I would.

This is from our drive up to Haleakalā,  which is the big assed volcano on Maui.   The top is above 10,000 feet.


 DSC_0141 DSC_0137 DSC_0138


It’s pretty freakin’ awesome.  Let’s just leave it at that.

We’re above the clouds there.

And we’re bundled up,  since the temperature was in the mid fifties.  (yes, Fahrenheit, I’m bilingual)



I don’t remember the exact mileage,  but it’s a good two hour drive to the summit.  And the road is very twisty,  and the air starts to get a bit thin.  T.C. was feeling a bit dizzy.   Even though I was at the wheel,  my head was starting to spin just ever so slightly.  Might have been the thinner air or the winding road.  Not sure.



There are those who advocate getting there for the sunrise.  I’m happy for them.   What, get up at three in the morning?   *pfft!!*

We were on vacation.



Well that’s it.  Brain empty.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. You drove to the top?

    Doesn't count.

  2. Good job on the sewing table. Mine is too small too - maybe I should work on that. I'm with TC, don't think the recessed part would work for me.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of Haleakala. Did you see any bicyclists free-wheeling down that road. It's a scary sight lol.

  3. OK, I'd still be there if I tried walking to the top, and yes there were the free wheeling bike riders. Lordy! I've come down some big hills mighty fast back in the day, but I'd never do that. There's no place to "run off" if anything goes haywire with the brakes.
    Our eldest daughter originally thought she'd like to do it, until we came back with an eye witness report. She wisely chose not to go.

  4. If you need a committee, do the members get paid? I have some free time:)

  5. Awesome job on the table. And good "recycling" too.

  6. Table looking good, you a handy guy to have around.
    Always something for you to do.

  7. We did the 3AM sunrise bit and it was worth it but it was very COLD. Our friend put socks on his ears. Colin got some fabulous shots needless to say. Once in a lifetime is enough though.


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