Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh, to be a comedian right now.

Because this stuff writes itself.


barricade silliness

There’s more out there,  and you’re welcome to go and find it. 

The latest news is,  the Veterans have indeed been allowed to go and visit the outdoor memorials after all.   I mean,  why not?   It’s OUTDOORS people!!


Here's a link to one of the UK rags.


So,  when Travelling Companion and I visited the Vietnam Memorial and all the rest of them back in May of 03,  we were really in a National Park?   Well,  that’s a surprise.

Of course,  as a Canadian, we find the whole thing rather confusing.  Really.

And that’s all I’ll offer in the way of an opinion,  except to mention that,  even though all the government employees aren’t getting paid,  it would seem that the members of Congress aren’t having any issues.

Yup, they’ll be getting their pay checks.

Boy, that seems equitable.

The first time I had ever heard of the idea of shutting down something,  was when T.C. was working in Horseheads, N.Y.  Due to budget constraints,  the Town of Chemong (we’d call it a Township or Municipality) was going to close down all the libraries.   Yes,  you read that right,  close down all the libraries. 

We were just dumbfounded.

In light of some possible issues with literacy in them thar United States,  do you think closing the libraries is such a keen idea??   Seriously!

My head is starting to hurt.   Let’s just stop.


In more uplifting news,  there are a couple things. 

I ordered an item from Amazon on Monday,  and here it is. 


Yes, it’s Wednesday.  Blows me away.  Free delivery to boot. 

I can’t divulge the contents of said box,  since someone is having a birthday coming up,  and he/she reads this blog.  

Why in heaven’s name,  I’ll never know.  I have trouble reading it.


Oh and then,  I got an email from a fellow volunteer from the Terry Fox run,  with a link to a pic of the two of us.

I’m now a (get this) dedicated volunteer.


Well, I didn’t sleep in I suppose.  That takes dedication.

(Oh Gawd,  if only I could sleep in…)


dedicated volunteers

Um ya, not a good copy.  I stole that one from their site.  There’s a link floating around here somewhere. 

Here we go.


Hey, it’s my damned picture, I’ll steal it if I chose to.  So there.


I think yesterday I finished with a teaser about an ongoing battle?    Not the one in the US Congress either.  That’s a regular snooze fest.

No,  it’s that time of year again! 


The following image will give you a clue.



When I was rummaging around in the back room of the shed the other day in order to extricate the bike rack,  there was definitely something that scurried past…


I think that’s him there.  Her?  Don’t care.

It’s not that I’m afraid of mice or anything,  but they’re just dirty little buggers.  Shittin’ and pissin’ everywhere!   Gah!   And then it stinks.   Don’t stink up the shed!

And there’s no keeping them out of the shed either.  Thankfully the shed is on a concrete pad, so there’s no worries about skunks making a home underneath.


I mean, if they’d go shit outdoors,  then maybe I wouldn’t mind. Like that’s going to happen.

Of course,  they do like to chew the crap out of things to make their little nests.  I’ve seen them chew some nasty stuff too, over the years.  My father-in-law had some fibreglass fabric out there in his old shed,  and they even chewed on that stuff.  Wouldn’t that be toxic? 


Anyway, that’s the extent of the blather for today. 

The latest news on the Football Pool front,  is that it was the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario that swooped down on a bunch of pubs in the area.

I didn’t realize there was such a thing.

But, considering we do have a few casinos here and there, I suppose they need to be regulated?  Or whatever the hell they do.  Hey, we could shut them down.  That wouldn’t hurt my feelings. 

To me it sounds like something out of that movie Casino.  You know, the one where they’d bury their enemies out in the Arizona desert?

Rumour has it that there are still a couple pools out there,  but they’re just rumours.  Nothing fit for print.  Mums the word and all that.


OK,  just got a call from T.C.,  she had to go to a location up in Mississauga,  so she’ll be battling the traffic on the way home.  

Hey,  just keeping with the battle theme here. 


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Putting barricades around open air 24/7 parks is simply bully tactics. That having been said, I say throw the bums out - they're all crooked or at least simple minded. My SIL is on furlough while these clowns continue to get a paycheck. You have mice in your shed, we have rats in congress!

  2. I love Donna's comment about the rats in congress. So disgusting. And I am so happy I'm retired.

  3. Howdy BoB,
    If you'd waited about 3 more minutes we could have seen IF he/she got the cheese or got WHACKED !!!
    The terribe ABC, OH NO; they arrested 2 little boys selling lemonade....without a LICENSE !!!!!
    Congress AND THE EMPEROR need to be KICKED-OUT WITHOUT PAY !!!

  4. That is a great picture of you volunteering. Which one is you?

    1. I just removed what I was going to say, since I think Holly (my partner there) does check in from time to time. No comments about who's the "good lookin' one" or anything. *ahem*

  5. I really loved the politically incorrect label of 'retarded people' on this post. It is so correct! Thanks for an amusing and interesting blog.


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