Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No more doggie in the window.



I still half ways expect there to be an excited dog at the door most times when I come in,  but that’s not the case anymore.  Mind you, there were times when I ‘wasn’t good enough’,  and he wouldn’t bother coming to the door.  No point in any wasted efforts. 

The reports are that,  he’s done “visiting” in the new place,  and figures it’s time to come home.  That too shall pass I suppose.

Meanwhile,  it’s on with my own little show here. 

I need to send off the dimensions for the remaining windows I want to replace,  and it’s really important that I get accurate measurements.   Haven’t screwed this up so far,  and I’m not about to start.

So there was a little surgery involved.



Some of those parts may find themselves getting reused,  so it wasn’t like I was about to just rip off the trim and stool. 

Um, by the way, the “sill” is the part on the outside.  The “stool” is where you set your potted plants.   And other crap.  Just thought I’d mention that.

In several of the locations I’ve made my own stools out of pine or oak,  but in a couple of the bedrooms I reused the old one,  cleaned it up a bit and painted it.  Besides, paintable caulk will hide a multitude of sins.


Hate this part.


I need to know exactly where the window ends and the mortar begins.


The house is not "brick veneer", or even balloon frame for that matter,  but something that I’ve been told to be “masonry brick” construction.  Sometimes also referred to as “brick and block”.  And yes,  that mortar is pink.  Not kidding.

The header bricks can be seen in the second last photo.

This can make things interesting.  Especially when you go to replace a door with one that comes with its own frame,  only to discover that something needs to be attached to the block wall onto which the door frame then can be affixed. 

Helps if a feller knows how to improvise.


Anyhoodle,  I just realised that tomorrow is “put your garden crap out” day,  so I need to fill a couple bags.  The region no longer takes lawn clippings,  so we’ve been going with the mulch program for the last couple of cuts.  The lawnmower seems to puree the grass real good,  and yesterday’s efforts resulted in having to take my time,  since the grass was just a wee bit wet.  I managed.  Well, I managed to stall the poor thing at least once,  but I got through it.  Stalling it is probably not the best thing?


Hey,  maybe I’ll check in, in another week’s time? Seems to be the best I can do.



Keep those sticks on the ice.

Thanks for lookin’.




  1. It will be nice when you have the new windows all done, always a fun job

  2. You impress me with all your skills. Now I understand a lot more about your comments when we were building last summer.

    Poor doggie, just think how happy it will be to see you next time.

  3. I prefer to have someone else to measure and therefore blame when the new windows do not fit:) Good luck!

  4. Have come from Kevin and Ruth! You have been busy and appear to have a lot more handyman skills than I've ever had. Just done our lawns and thankfully the council do take away our garden rubbish!


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