Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cops out front and possums in the back.

Neither of which were terribly inconspicuous I might add.


I try to keep my Gladys Kravitz gene in check,  but once in a while I happen to notice something that doesn’t quite look right.  I mean, if you park your buggy and wander around the neighbourhood,  you may be trying to sell something,  but nine times out of ten, there’s something “up”.


I figure I’ll stick Gladys in there,  just in case you’re unsure as to who that might be.

Speaking of something that just might be “up”,  it was a few weeks ago I suppose,  when there was someone at the door,  quite late at night I might add,  and they were supposedly from ADT.  

Of course,  this was before Daughter Number Two and Hubby moved out,  so there was suddenly a dog at the door to greet them,  which is quite fine with me.  Anyway, there was some offer to “put one of their signs on the lawn”, and T.C. basically sent them on their way.   Well,  it just so happens that ADT had no knowledge of anyone cold calling in our neighbourhood,  nor is it one of their marketing schemes.   So our guess was that these two yokels were simply checking to see which places were easily broken into?   Why else would they come around after nine at night?

And no,  I wasn’t the one to answer to door,  or I just might have called the cops on the spot.  I was “resting”…


So ya,  I take a dim view of cars just hanging around.   Of course,  the two latest yokels out front were either from the constabulary,  or I’ll eat my shorts.


Oh,  and the possums?   They were just hanging out in the neighbour’s back yard.  But really,  not “hanging”,  so much as mucking about on the ground.  For a few hours I might add.


I apologize for making you squint,  but Daughter Number Two took her nice long lens away when she moved out.  *sniff*.  Prolly should get my own one fine day.

I’m not going to offer any theories as to just what they might have been up to for the whole time they were there,  but my best guess is that there will be some little Possums in these parts in the not too distant future.  “Playing Possum” takes on a whole new meaning.


Let me see.  What else?   Not much.

The clean up continues,  along with the repair job in the upstairs room.  I think I’ll be ready for primer tomorrow.  T.C. is getting anxious,  but hasn’t been after me too much.  I try not to do a half-assed job, so that usually means not getting ahead of myself.


There will be pictures at some point. 

Oh,  and the window company has cashed our cheque and started production.  Three to four weeks.  I might need to snap out of it.


A bid you all a fine weekend.  Buckle up.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. We have had "security" salesmen like that in our area. It was later confirmed that we were trying to check the easy marks. No one invited that comes to my door gets a warm welcome.

  2. We have "security" in our area as well. Yesterday we were inundated with Border Patrol vehicles... including a helicopter flying low over the place... in search of the bad guys (illegals). I sure hope they found them as 100 degree temps is WAY too hot to be walking from Mexico to San Antonio. I'd rather deal with the illegals any day (or night) than a thief on a reconnaissance run.

  3. Well, Gladys, I think you may just be correct in your assumption that something is up!

  4. I had to think really hard to remember Gladys. Still not sure I remember her, but do remember the name.

  5. Being observant does pay off. Something fishy about those guys selling the signs?

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  7. You know "they" tend to go away and not come back when I answer the door with a 20 ga Mosburg in my arms. Funny, huh?


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