Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We did see some “family”.

It was a coincidence really,  that yesterday was “Family Day”,  as there were a couple outings that we had been invited to over the weekend. 
One of our long time friends was doing a little thing in remembrance of a baby she had lost a year ago,  and other relations were celebrating the addition to their family of a young lady they had adopted a couple years ago*.  Sort of a whole “ebb and flow” kind of thing.


The first gathering on Saturday was a “balloon release”.  There’s something about watching balloons float up into the sky that can be helpful in lifting ones spirits I suppose.  There was laughter involved,  even though the whole event was rather poignant.  Everyone deals with losing a little guy in their own way.  This was her way.



See.  Laughter.  Unless someone told a really awesome joke, but I didn’t hear anything.


The second one was  “Gotcha Party”. 


And no,  that “Bobby” isn’t me.  It’s the name that was given to the young lady who was adopted.  (and she still can’t get over the idea that there’s another “Bob”!)

We had never heard of a “Gotcha Party”,  but it was the day her family picked her up from the orphanage.  So,  ‘we gotcha’.   Like that.

It’s truly an amazing thing how the life of this young person has been changed from being found at the side of the road somewhere in India, (yes. really!) to living with a great family in Oakville,  Ontario.    More than she’ll ever know I’m sure, although it’s only been a couple years now that she’s lived here,  so I’m sure she has clear memories of her life from before.

Um,  I don’t usually put kids pictures on the line,  so you’ll just have to conjure up your imagination.  Cute little Indian girl,  pre-teen.  That’s all.

Her first language is Hindi,  and the school where she goes has an ESL (English as a second language) program,  but her English by this point is pretty darned good.  Kids are like little sponges that way,  and it’s quite baffling how well she can speak.



Turns out Monday, the actual “Family Day”,  was a day mostly of sloth.  Watched a movie.  Lounged about.  Trying to think of what else.   Nothing much.  It was kinda cold out,  so there were no walks along the shore or any such thing.   It’ll be above the freezing mark again today for a little while,  but the temperatures around here are up and down like a toilet seat.  It’s Canada. 


One of the first calls I made this morning was to our insurance provider,  just to check on the rate for the Merc.   See,  the dealership is offering .9% financing,  and our original plan of just cutting them a cheque has taken a back seat to simply making payments.  I don’t really like making “car payments”,  but if you consider the total cost to finance the thing over a couple years is something like three hundred and fifty bucks?   Hell,  we can shove 30 plus thousand in some sort of other “vehicle” and make more than $350.   So we’ll take the deal.

Somehow we had this nagging idea that having a lean on a vehicle would affect the rate,  but that was all just silliness on our part.  The insurance company simply lists the dealership first when it comes to whomever gets paid if we decide to lose our minds and total the thing.  After something like 90 years of driving between the two of us,  it hasn’t happened so far.  Fingers crossed.


So I just got off the phone with the car Dude,  and told him to take his crayon out to the lot and write “SOLD” across the front.  Actually,  he was quick to point out it was more of a “digital” thing,  so he didn’t need the big crayon.  There will be some emails back and forth, and within a day or two, barring any more meteorites falling to earth,  we’ll have some new wheels.



Stay tuned.


Keep it between those ditches.


Thanks for stopping in.


*Note: It was actually three years ago.  Where did that time go??




  1. With the looks of that cake, I'd guess Bobby was on a sugar high for a while. ;)

  2. I kinda like the idea of a "Gotcha Day"... makes my imagination run wild for cakes to celebrate other days. As to your interest rate.. wooohooo... maybe we should think about getting a new car... our Scion has 90,000 miles on it. Hmmmmmm......

  3. Hard to lose a little one and I'm glad she found a way to make it easier for her. Gotcha day is a new one for me. But how wonderful that she found a new home. Filled with lots of treats like that great looking cake.

  4. LOL Weather like a toilet seat! Never heard that before. Reflecting on that - the most of the seats I see were up. So, the weather in Canada should be pretty good, eh?
    Congrats to your new wheels! I owned a 240 D once upon a time. Boy - how time flies by!

  5. Nice to have the family celebrations to go to, no matter what the reason are great get togethers.
    Nice set of wheels, enjoy!

  6. Yep, some times financing can be the way to go.
    Looking forward to a pic of the new wheels.


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