Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home Alone*


I thought maybe I’d rear my ugly head,  even though there’s sweet bugger all going on.  

Decided to drive the “kids” to work yesterday in order to have some wheels.  There were a couple errands to run.  Needed a cheque certified for the LCBO.   Needed a paper shredder.  You know,  just normal stuff.  I’ll fill you in on the LCBO silliness one fine day.  It’s silly,  trust me.

Noticed an Austrian product when I was at Denninger's.

Couldn’t help myself.



Lebkuchen is similar to ginger bread I suppose,  and I’m a sucker for this stuff.  This particular variety is was orange flavoured.  

Um, they’re gone. 

In case you haven’t figured it out,  “Denninger’s” is a chain of delicatessens in the area,   specialising in “Foods of the World”.   Mostly German and Austrian though I find.  I’m OK with that.

I guess that was the big excitement for the week.   Seriously,  we’re just trying to put the pieces back together here.   One of the first things on the agenda is to get my Ontario Driver’s licence back.   As much as I’d prefer not to,  it’s kind of necessary.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Depending on the weather,  Travelling Companion and I might be checking out some wheels tomorrow.  We’re supposed to get a storm.  It’s mid afternoon here and not too danged much has happened so far.  Maybe it’ll pass us by?  I stocked up on salt for the driveway,  and the shovel is standing by. 


Other than that,  I thought I’d do a little yard clean-up.   This is my idea of cleaning up the yard.



Them dry twigs sure burn nice.


Keep your powder dry.


Thanks for lookin’.


*the dog and the cat don’t count.



  1. Good luck with the weather. With a title like home alone, you never know what might happen:)

  2. Let me guess, without Ont drivers lic, the LCBO doesn't think your a canadian or otherwise won't let you buy anything... Good luck with that storm...

  3. Those cookies(?) sound pretty darn good. No wonder they're gone!

  4. Just don't mix up your powder with your twigs!

  5. Now that's my kind of yard clean up. Adding powder to your twigs might get rid of the chimney soot??? ;)

  6. Ah.. so exciting. New wheels! Isn't it funny? Being in Austria you been looking for Miracle whip. Now being back on the home turf you have your attention tuned to Austrian products. LOL.

  7. We see where the weather is going to turn nasty. Hope you have the refrig and bar filled with all the good stuff.

  8. Will you have to take the drivers test again? Do you have some kind of international drivers license while in Europe? About those cookies.. you'll just have to buy some more so you can take photos.

  9. Getting all settled in, but looks like the storm did not miss you. A special welcome back to Canada.


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