Monday, July 2, 2012

I did go outside.

But only long enough to know how much better it was to be inside.

There was a brief “plan” yesterday morning to ‘go out’.  But then Travelling Companion thought maybe she’d venture out on the terrace,  just to see what it was like.  She came in looking a little wide eyed.  “It HOT out there!”.

See,  the “plan” was to “walk along the Danube”.   That sounds romantic,  or something.  But not when it’s thirty-eight flippin’ degrees out.  Even if we chose to just drive somewhere,  it would still mean being somewhat confined to the car.  Not that many places actually have air conditioning. 

So that was the end of that.

It seems we have this thing about setting records.  “Almost as hot as Greece,  and the hottest spot in all Europe” is what leads that text in today’s rag.



Kind of miss the coolness of the Netherlands right about now.

Not too danged much else going on today.  Travelling Companion was once again back at the salt mines.  This is the “first work day”,  which for her is not that big a deal,  since the minions in other places are putting together numbers that they then pass on to her.

Tomorrow will quite likely be the day she works late.  Trying to figure out how to explain…well,  we won’t say any bad things about the folks out in the trenches.  That wouldn’t be right.  I could go nuts,  mind you.  But I try to behave.   One day baby,  one day.



For your mild amusement,  this is what city folk do when they perhaps don’t have air conditioning in their digs.

Having a party maybe?





Doesn’t look like there’s a lot of room up there,  but they were having a good laugh,  so whatever works.


The kids are out,  both here and at home,  and I know of a certain bunch of teachers who are off doing whatever teachers do over the summer weeks.

The excellent news for me is,  I don’t have to start “summer clean-up” on Tuesday morning.  Yay me!

Here I was getting a little maudlin about having my Residence Permit renewed.   Just needed to snap out of it is all.   It’s all good.



Keep them floaty things around your middle.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. It seems to be hot everywhere except here on the west coast - our temperature this morning is 53F!!

  2. Guess it must be cooler on the roof than down on the concrete. Higher elevation? :) If they can still smile and laugh out in this heat, maybe it's worth a try :)

  3. If its hot on your terrance that leads me to believe it is hot on the observed terrace.....maybe lots of cold beer is the ticket.


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