Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And then the rains came.

Know that smell when it hasn’t rained in a while?  Or you go to overturn a pile of rotting grass? 

Kind of like that.


That has nothing to do with that car, by the way.   I’m just saying our weather has “broke” and we’re getting a bit of a thunderstorm. 

That’s an understatement.   It’s been crashing and banging here for at least two solid hours.   I can dig it.  Well,  except maybe when the flash and the huge bang are at the exact same moment and I damned near flip my laptop onto the floor.  There were quite a few car alarms that went off just then too.  Just to add to the cacophony.




So now I can tell the little story about this magazine.   Took me a couple minutes to find that picture too,  since it was in a ‘June’ folder, in with the rest of Birmingham.  

Anyway,  as we were in an English speaking country (well, mostly) I thought it might be a neat-o idea to find something to perhaps read on the plane or take home with me.  In English!  How exciting!

Normally I avoid airport shops like the plague,  since most everything is way overpriced.  Plus,  most times you at least get a newspaper to occupy your brain on the flight.  And it’s free.

But I was determined.   So much so that I must have wandered around three different shops for over a half hour.  Our plane was slightly behind,  and we had come in by train from Shrewsbury in plenty of time.  

Well,  there was a gentleman sitting across from us with his wife,  whom I had seen in at least one of the magazine shops as well, and I suppose he must have overheard me when Travelling Companion asked if I had found anything.  Since there were no woodworking magazines,  and I had very little interest in the likes of “Country Living”  or whatever,  I said “No”.

When he and his wife were about to leave,  he got up and asked me if I was at all interested in cars?   I mean,  really?  That’s a pretty easy answer.  A fellow doesn’t have to be a gear head to any extent to be interested in cars,  even if the interest is only to the extent of how the seats feel.   So naturally I said,  “Why yes.”

Hey,  I ain’t that dumb.

I mean,  I didn’t think he’d pull our a revolver at that point and yell, “Well dammit,  I hate cars!  Take that!”  And proceed to put three slugs in my chest.  Besides, we had come through security and all.


It seems he didn’t want to carry this magazine on the plane with him,  and offered to give it to me!  I failed to see how either of those things could possibly be a problem.   So I didn’t argue.

I probably would have not given it a second look in the store,  especially since the price of some of these enthusiast magazines is borderline criminal.


Now,  why am I waiting until today to bore you with this tedium?  Well, I poured over it for a couple days after we got home from England,  and that was that.   When you get to the point where you’re reading the tiny little ads at the very back,  you know you’re finished.  But I couldn’t just toss it in the recycle bin,  when I know of at least a hand full of car enthusiasts,  each of which have addresses that are still served by Canada Post.   So off it went.   I just got an email from one of my pub/going to the drags/and any other kind of races/ buddies just now saying it was in this morning’s mail!   Yesssss.   I was beginning to wonder.  Took a little longer than the sock.  Not sure why.  A bit heavier I suppose.  Socks go faster?


Good timing too,  since his wife is a teacher and they’re just headed off for some relaxation somewhere in the northern bits of Canada.   He’ll then pass it on to another buddy, and so on, and so on.  See how that works?


And this is what I do to break the monotony here in Wienerland.  Some people take pictures of cacti,  their dogs,  or cows out standing in their fields.   I send sh*t in the mail.   Um,  that’s not a bovine reference at all.  I don’t mean actual excrement.  That would be bad.  I just mean, you know,  socks and sh*t.

Oh,  and if you’d like to subscribe to the magazine,  here’s the web site,  which is worth checking out all by itself.  It’s a pretty cool website.


And since we’re on that theme….


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. I try not to let my hubby anywhere near those kinds of magazines. But he definitely wouldn't have turned it down also.

  2. I would have loved it. Not that I'm a special fan of Healeys or other british cars. They are all crappy made. But I just love those old cars in general. So, yes I would have taken it. If you bother you can send that sh*t in the mail to me anytime. But no socks sir! Please.

  3. The magazine doesn't interest me much, but the fact that you send mail AND it actually arrives at it's intended destination is awesome! Honest truth... I've sent mail from New Zealand, from Mexico and from England to folks in the USA... NONE of it ever arrived. What's the secret?

  4. I'm amazed at how much sh*t gets from one place to the other via mail. Never anything you want though. I might want socks though. Not a magazine.

  5. Well I hope our weather will break to but in our case I hope we will get some sunshine and real summer kind of weather at least until July 23rd then we should have some real good stuff after that. I know we shouldn't complain we have been doing quite well with the weather all things considered. Our problem is that we are now in some beautiful countryside and some nice walking and it won't stop raining!

    Glad your friend got the magazine and that it can keep getting passed on.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Now that's certainly a great way to recycle, just keep send it off to another country, I wonder where it will finally end up , are you tracking it?


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