Friday, December 30, 2011

You may already be a Wiener!


A recently overheard conversation:

“Look honey,  it’s a wiener dog”.

“Ya,  but here they’re just called ‘dogs’.”


So now that I’ve got that out of my system,  did I tell you what the kind folks at the butcher shop gave me when I picked up our turkey on Saturday?   It may very well have been because it was the most expensive turkey I’ve ever paid for in my entire life,  or maybe it was because I spent over a certain amount.  I’m not sure. 

But I ended up with a “Viennese Christmas Sausage”.



Well,  something like that.   I mean,  being an “educated guy”  and all that,  I really should have a bit more self control,  and just point out that “Wiener”  in this case is an adjective,  meaning “Viennese”,   but I’m sorry.   There’s just too much of a gag in there to let it go.   I had even put this in the fridge and forgot about it,  and Travelling Companion hauled it out yesterday afternoon (get your minds out of the gutter)  and asked,  “Are we gonna eat this?”   Turns out it has an expiry date of January 8, 2012.  Yikes!  That’s just around the corner.  

Getting free food and then leaving it in the fridge is some sort of venial sin I’m sure.   We’d better get busy,  even though red meat and I don’t always get along.


In other “news”,  (‘cause that last bit was important),  we’re just spending a quiet afternoon here getting readjusted to there being just the two of us.   It always sucks saying good-bye to the kids,  and visitors in general.

Traffic on the way to the airport this morning was surprisingly fluid,  considering it was a Friday morning,  but a little later I happened to notice something in one of the local rags about practically all of Austria being on the ski slopes right about now.   Apparently there’s not a spare hotel room to be had in places like Kitzbühel.  Now it all makes sense.   THAT’s where the traffic jams are.  I thought maybe we had missed an air raid siren or something.  I’m new here.  Last year at this time we were in Canada.


Something else recently overheard:

“Oh Gawd,  it’s only 8:30 and he’s taking our picture!”



(Um,  you’ll notice clicking on that one only gives you a SMALL image?   Discretion is,  after all,  the better part of valour)

Not sure what the fast hands was all about,  but there was no chance for a second photo. 

The departure photo at the airport is kind of a tradition,  so that one will have to do.


And that,  as they say,  is that.


Oh,  I should mention,  I discovered a rather neat website earlier today when I was trying to figure out if they had left on time.   If you click on this link,  it will open up and show an area close to where ever your IP address is located.    At least I think that should happen,  I’d need to clear all my cookies and try over to see what happens the first time around.  I’m not about to do that,  since I want my cookies right where they are for the time being.  What I’ve also noticed is that flights that are too far out over the ocean are not getting picked up.  At first I though that was a bit odd,  until I looked to see how the information is gathered.  It’s a platform called ADS-plane finder.



You’ll notice there has to be a “base station”,  which explains why I’ve lost track of them over the North Atlantic for the time being.   Fun stuff though.  We don’t realise just how many planes are in the air at one time.   It’s busy up there!



And so,  life goes on. 

Travelling Companion has a few things to sort out before heading back to the salt mines next week.


For my part,  the kids have left, the beds have been stripped,  and there’s gonna be laundry.


Enjoy your Friday.


Thanks for stopping by.






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