Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shop Time

There was some evaporated time when we were home that I spent in the garage, or as I would prefer to call it, My Shop and I figure I should throw some of it in here to keep everyone abreast of all the exciting happenings (*snort!*).


If you were thinking it's about that time of the day for a little nap and you need something to put you over the edge, read on.

You may recall that back in October I was mucking around with a tool cabinet that I had put together, since I have no such item and figure it might be nice to have after some 20 or so years of woodworking.
I ended up with the case, and not much else.

Needless to say it was still hanging in it's spot when I got home on the 19th. That's a good thing. (sorry Martha)

I only then had to take it down again to build a set of doors, and then remount it to fit the six drawers. It's mounted on French cleats
which are bolted to the wall, so even though it can be lifted off the cleats at any time, it's not going anywhere.

....and we end up with this....
and drawers that go in like this...

The shop will never been the neat and tidy space that you see in the magazines, but I will be working towards at least getting it a bit tidier. Cleaning up all the junk that's hanging over the window can't hurt, plus it's never ever had a coat of paint.
There are very few people on the planet who have any idea just how much stuff was in there when we first moved in, (you know who you are) so relatively speaking, I've been ahead of the game for quite some time now, it's just the finishing touches that I seem to struggle with.

That's pretty much it for today, I've since gone to have our third hour with Nico. He'll not be here next week, since Gabe will be in the UK. I declined the offer for having the whole three hours to myself, since my head is spinning at the moment as it is.

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