Friday, January 23, 2009


Wednesday we decided to take a little trip over to Deventer, which is a city on the border between Overijssel and Gelderland, sitting on the edge of the Ijssel river.
So sorry for all the hyperlinks that open in new windows, but it's the quickest way to explain a whack of geography. I really should take the time to read it myself.
Maybe later.
Initially I took a bit of a wrong turn and ended up crossing the main bridge out of town. That turned out to be ok, since we discovered this really great looking old saw mill just over the bridge.

I wouldn't have had any clue as to what kind of mill it was if it were not for having to find a place to turn around, and then I noticed the sign....
Deventer has the usual older architecture, that I never seem to get enough of...

along with some contrasting styles on the outskirts.
This is looking back from across the river.

In typical fashion, cars can't get in to the centre of the city, which makes it all the better for wandering around.
I did notice a beer truck that was providing a much needed delivery to one of the restaurants off to our right, but we regret that we have no photographic proof.

This building had a very familiar look to me, and I guessed that it was the De Waag that would have been the centre of commerce back in the days of the Hanseatic League

That's mostly because there was a very similar looking building in Nijmegen, and I thought maybe I was on to something. It's a museum now, and a travel information centre. Of course, the sure way to find that out would have been to simply go inside and look around, instead of waiting to get back home and look it up on the net.

Oh well.

Deventer is definitely a place to visit in warmer weather, and I can imagine that the square will be mobbed, so if there's any frolicking to be done, best to get it over with.

Between the wind, rain and general dampness it didn't take us long to decide to head back to the car, but we at least we did get there and saw a few of the sights.

Some more memorable than others.

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