Friday, April 22, 2016

Chainsaw Arm.

Which is not a medical condition like, Morton’s Neuroma, by the way.  It’s the pain that comes along two days later after hanging onto a chainsaw for what was not a very long period of time at all, I thought.

Apparently it was long enough.

And of course, as it was an affliction that didn't happen until two days later,  it took me at least a couple minutes to realise just why my arm was complaining the way it was.
*thinks*.  Maybe that’s why my back was complaining too?


Anyway,  we’re back to this. 

And the arm is fine once again,  by the way.

That whole “weed and feed” thing is a bit of a mixed blessing,  since I'm pretty sure I'm the only one around, in this neighbourhood at least, who has had to cut the grass so far this season.
I did the usual to the machine.  Changed the oil,  sharpened and rebalanced the blade, cleaned the air filter and put in a new plug.  Had one left over from the pair I bought a couple years ago.  I got two seasons out of that last plug, but this time around the electrode was worn away just ever so slightly,  so I punted it out.

Topped ‘er up with fresh fuel,  and it started on the first crack.

And I noticed that,  even though I “look after” this machine, it has started to show a few scrapes here and there.  I'm guessing it must be the concrete edging around the garden at the side of the house.  It’s not like I’ll be rushing out for some touch up paint or anything,  but I was ever so slightly taken with the amount of wear that I've inflicted on the thing so far.  It’s only three years old. 

A while back (like last year?) I might have mentioned that I bought one of those crazy assed vibrating/oscillating tools?  This particular one is called a “Sonicrafter”, made by Rockwell.

Anyway,  as there is very little kerf on the blades that this thing takes,  they do tend to burn up pretty quickly,  so I thought I’d order some from Amazon.  Heaps cheaper than the Chinese made ones available at Home Despot or their ilk.

I mean,  let’s be clear,  they’re all made in China.

They look like this.

The tool looks like this.

I was somewhat taken by the address.

Check it out.

Um. Ya. 
I got the last bit.
I guess it’s better than trying to read the characters.

The fun part is,  the package actually arrived.  Well,  these people  seemed to know what they’re doing,  and there was no “Pigeon English” involved.  Usually a good sign.

The last two things I ordered directly from China through Amazon never did arrive.   I got my money back for the one item,  but never did see the couple bucks that I paid for the second.  

They were using USPS. 

Think about that.

Note that on the address above there’s a honkin’ big “CA” up at the top?  Well,  that’s probably because these folks realise that I do in fact live in Canada.  Them other two chimps?  I don’t know what they were thinking..  “USPS”  from China isn't going to cut it.  Or at least, the lack of any parcels coming from China with such a shipping method would tend to indicate. 
I don’t know,  maybe in some other dimension,  there is some way to ship USPS from China to Canada. 

But not on this planet.

Oh,  and they wanted me to take down my negative review.  Right.  Well,  if you can figure out what flippin’ country I live in,  then by all means.


Funny too,  any of the “one star” ratings on Amazon (too bad there’s no “Zero stars”)  has to do with lousy shipping.  Seems it’s kind of hit and miss. 

I’ll stop now.

Enjoy your weekend.

But as I do say from time to time,  “Every day is Saturday!”
(Except I won’t be caught dead in the stores on the weekends.)

Keep yer stick on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. My favorite Saturday of the week is Monday, Glad your chainsaw arm is better.

  2. UPS has now gone to what they call "Sure Post" in some cases, which means that they get the package as far as the local post office. From there it is up to the post office to deliver it. Seems like a real contradiction.

  3. We try to avoid the USPS whenever possible. However, UPS doesn't deliver to a PO box... sometimes you just have to suck it up and hope for the best. About those China packages.. Bill orders flash drives and phone batteries through Amazon (super cheap... yeah, I do mean Bill... and those products too)... but they come with a Chinese return address. Like we're going to send them back? sure....


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