Sunday, November 1, 2015

“We’re running out of candy!”

Said no sane person ever.

But that had no bearing on my version of reality, since it was then up to me to get to the local grocery type establishment and try and scrounge up something to hand out to the little buggers.

See,  last year we had all of about eight kids for Halloween.   That was it.  I think what has happened is,  we’ve had a bit of a “turn over” in the old neighbourhood,  and there are now a bunch of new families that have moved in.

Just a theory.

So,  having witnessed stacks upon stacks of various Halloween type treats on offer at the local grocery procuring establishment over the last several days, I was feeling a bit “Old Mother Hubbard”-ish when I went there at eight o’clock last night only to discover that the shelves were mostly bare.


No worries,  I did find some cr*p… er,  stuff to give out.  It was all good.   The tricky bit was to try and get something that I’d be remotely interested in noshing on afterwards,  in case there were suddenly no more visitors at the door. 

Not that I really should be. 

Don’t judge me.  But there’s no way in hell I’m interested in anything that comes out of a Pez dispenser,  or that goes fizzy in your mouth.  Gah!  Just give me some good old fashioned chocolate bars. 

Did you know Pez was an Austrian thing?  I don’t think I saw one Pez dispenser the whole time we lived in Vienna.  Who knew?  Hell, there’s probably a Pez museum.  I mean,  there’s a Schnapsmuseum.  I kept seeing the signs for that,  but never did set aside the time to get there.

Oh well.

Anyhoodle,  I managed to prevail.  And got the car tucked back into the garage without running over any little goblins.  Did you see this?  Seriously?  There’s nothing but kids out there running around in the dark,  and you’re speeding??  I can’t even go there,  or I’ll type something here that I’ll for sure regret later. 

It seems that earlier on,  T.C. admitted that she just *might* have been giving out overly generous shares to whomever showed up at the door.  But then they didn’t stop coming.  We figure we had about 40-50 kids. 

I kept a low profile since, 1) Halloween has never been my “deal”,  and 2) T.C. refuses to acknowledge that it just ain’t the same since the kids moved out. 

Y’know,  time to move on. 

However,  my ears perked up when I heard her yell,  “Hey, there’s a kid coming up the driveway with a box on his head!”



There’s been at least one theory that he’s a character from something called “Mine craft.”

Just looked it up.  Yup.

I know nothing of these things.  Possibly since the last video game I played was along the lines of Super Mario.  Just looked that up as well.  We’re talking,  back in the 80s here kids.  Yikes.

There’s a “back story” to this you see.  Once upon a time,  when our lovely Daughter Number Two was given the task of making a hat for school when she was in Elementary School, and in spite of the fact that she is indeed a rather creative individual,  she managed to make a hat out of one of those “World Famous Chocolates”  boxes,  and wore it to school on her head!  I mean,  it was just a box.  On her head.

Her mother was just a tad mortified.  But we certainly laugh about it now.  The kid had moxy,  I’ll tell ya that much.  So naturally,  if we see a kid with a box on his head,  we go a little ape shit.  That makes perfect sense,  right?



Spent a few minutes this morning changing out the batteries in various smoke and CO detectors.   Hopefully you’ve done the same.  Damned near ran short of batteries,  since I discovered that a couple of the newer detectors that I installed last year took TWO batteries each.  They’re neat-o keen-o devices that have a built in LED light to help you get the hell out if they go off.  Hence the two battery program.  I sorted it out.

Now,  as long as we don’t burn any bacon or toast,  we’ll be good for another six months.   I find that if they go off,  the batteries do tend to get a bit weak. 


Looks like we’ll be having some outstanding weather over the next few days.  Just might have to go out and root around in the dirt one last time.


Keep those sticks on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. One of the perks of living in a 55+ rv park - no little ones. I loved seeing the younger kids in their costumes when I was younger but I'm old and with two dogs that make doorbells or knocks obsolete, it's fine with me. Jim changed all our batteries today also. We're good to go.

  2. I haven't seen trick or treat kids in years... reminds me of the days my first husband and one of his buddies went T or T ing for drinks. Seems none of his friends were out of booze.. at least not until "friends" came along.

  3. We did that last weekend in the Campground in New York. A reall party , plus losta adult treat too.
    We had candy for 200 kids one each and ranout in 1/2 a hour! That was enough, then party time the adults.

  4. Glad we got rid of the house. People were using our display for photo shots and the last year we gave out enough for 500 kids. Even after we closed the lights they were still coming after 9:00 at night. Now we relax and have fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. No kids here but lots and lots of fireworks which of course frightened our dogs a lot.

  6. Bought candy/no kids. This campground has seem better days. Maybe looks too spooky even for miniature ghosts and goblins.


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