Saturday, February 21, 2015

And here I did all that vacuuming.

Well, it’s something that needs to be done from time to time as it is,  and the somewhat perplexing thing is,  where does the dust come from?  

Anyhoodle,  we were going to have some guests for dinner today but alas,  we’re getting more… wait for it….snow.

Pardon the language.

We’d best not complain though,  since they’ve pretty much been having “Snowmageddon”  up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  Can’t say I have anything akin to “snow envy”. 

I’ve never been a big “snow person”. 

I mean,  I’ve tried down hill skiing.  Once.

Cross country skiing.  Once.

Now,  going out on a snow machine,  that was fun.  But I have no desire to have twenty grand worth of snow machines hanging around so we can then trek somewhere north to go out and try and not hit something.

And skating?  Meh,  I can stand up.  That’s about it.  Never did ‘take’ to it.



I’m sure you’d just as soon not see another picture of snow,  but it either gives you an opportunity to commiserate if you’re in the same snow belt,  or gloat if you’re somewhere warmer.  I’m reluctant to say “warm” and leave it at that,  since the cold seems to creep quite a ways south it seems. 

Didn’t they have snow in Florida?  Erp.


The week sort of went by.  Not too much to write home about.  Travelling Companion did have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday morning,  which was kind of akin to a visit to some sort of bizarro world. 

Actually,  the word that came to mind at the time was “Clusterf**k”,  but whatever.

I’ll try not to belabour the point,  but the first “waiting room”  isn’t.  It’s only where you check in.  THEN you have to wind your way down a somewhat narrow hallway (in my humble opinion) to get to “Waiting Room B”.  Not sure what the “B” stands for,  since I didn’t notice if the first area was “Waiting Room A”.  Maybe the “B” stands for Boredom?   The whole thing only took an hour, (*only*) with pretty much fifty minutes of that spent in the waiting area.  Seriously.

This is T.C.’s “Internist”.   Whatever the hell that means. 

Anyway,  she’s fine.  The blood thinner medication was off by a long shot,  so they changed that.  This was a slight oversight by our family doc,  but that’s another story.  I like the guy,  and we’ve had him since he came out of med school back in the early 80s,  but I told him,  “Stop delivering babies!”.   He’s got over 5000 patients! 

That’s nuts.


Forgot to mention.  Bought me a new tool.

AND,  by means of the best kind of shopping imaginable.  Right from this keyboard! 


Anyway,  it’s this oscillating thingy. 


I guess I didn’t take a proper picture,  so I stole this one off their site.


There’s a better version here, if you’re remotely interested.


As part of my next project,  I really need to remove the flooring and trim from where the cabinets are going to go,  and it didn’t take me too long to remember just how freakin’ tough oak is.   I gave up on trying to cut by hand in a hurry,  and went shopping.


It does an awesome job. 

Noisy little bugger though.  Glad I had earplugs handy.  And I had it on the lowest setting.

The oscillating thingy is good in tight spots,  but you can only really cut the width of that blade on each painfully slow pass. 

To do the rest of the floor,  I broke out the cordless circular saw.

For that of course,  I thought I’d best try and keep the dust confined.


Probably took me longer to do all that than to do the actual cutting.


I guess I  have nothing else floating around in my pea brain.  Time to go out and clear the driveway.  Again.

We rescheduled our guests for the 21st of March.  Closer to something resembling spring.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That new tool looks like something Bill would love to have... looks a bit like that Makita reciprocating saw he has... that he used to cut out all those tight spaces in his latest project. About all we need is another tool to carry around with us... we're practically a full equipped workshop now. Hey... I'm not complaining... saves a bundle when you can do it yourself. Now... about "Waiting Room B"... that's the one where you freeze your buns off... you've already disrobed and are in that skimpy gown and it takes an hour for the doctor to come in.

  2. Yep, our daughter in Nova Scotia has been hit hard with the snow. Last Sunday she had to stay overnight at work and the work the next day, which was her day off because the guy that was suppose to come in couldn't. Sure hope that your weather starts to improve. Looks like you have projects to do, just in case it takes a while to warm up!

  3. Sounds like that doctor's office has taken lessons from DMV offices! :c(

  4. More new tools, loved all the tools I used to have, but alas , they are no more and ya know I have gotten by not too bad. Still a little tool envy though.

  5. And all the bugs hanging out in doctors offices--UGH!


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