Monday, August 11, 2014

A bit of a wind shift.

And that’s not some kind of a metaphor. 

It was a gorgeous day, even though the humidity was starting to rise ever so slightly.  Travelling Companion and I busied ourselves with a bit of “gardening”. 

I put gardening in quotation marks,  since it’s more like “weeding”.  We’re closing in on the garlic chives that she mistakenly planted a few years back.  Then of course,  we were away for that whole European thing,  and they tried to take over. Gah!

I keep threatening to buy one of these:


Mind you,  burning the house down would be bad, so maybe I should reconsider.  Besides, Lee Valley Tools are asking over eighty bucks for this little gem. 

I suppose it would be worth it,  but I’m not there yet.


Yes,  it’s a flame thrower for weeds.  Only it doesn’t really spew petrol,  like the ones used in WWII.

Although….*thinks* maybe? 

No,  never mind.


Anyhoodle,  the only pictures I took today were at the slip,  down at the boat yard,  where the entire crew turned up to figure out something called a “Mexican Takedown”.  Or maybe it’s “Mexican Spinnaker Hoist”?   Damned if I know.

All I know is,  through the wonders of email and such,  we all agreed to meet this evening and go out for a practice.   Only thing was,  the weather wasn’t cooperating.

Now,  I’ve been out racing in some nasty sh*t,  but a practise?   Meh.   I declared my objection at the outset,  so there was a decision to “practise” at the slip.

It so happened,  that one of our more seasoned individuals had made up a couple mock “sails” from old tarps,  so we used those.




And let the class begin.


Oh,  and some of us came straight from work.  I did compliment her on the shoes.



I took my turn on the foredeck with the mock sails,  but that’s when the weather predictions started to come true.

We really didn’t come to any solid conclusion as to whether we wanted to attempt this on the race course,  as it started to rain within about a half hour,  and a decision was then made to “batten down the hatches”,  (yes,  that really is something you do) and go below.

However,  I had already said to T.C. that if that were the case,  I’d simply come home.  As much as I *love* all these folks I sail with,  having that many bodies in the cabin of a C & C 27?  Um,  maybe when the humidity isn’t quite so high?   Or perhaps some pizza and beer?  There were rumours of beer,  but I was stalwart enough to resist.

Because,  today was our Anniversary,  which I didn’t quite comprehend until I had already said I would be in attendance.  Urp.


It’s OK though,  there have been years when T.C. has let our Anniversary slip her mind,  so I’m golden. 


We did go over to Daughter Number One’s place to water some plants,  even though the rain had threatened. 

That entire household is away at a cottage for the week,  so she asked if we wouldn’t mind.

No biggie.



For some strange reason they left a cauliflower out on the counter. Huh? We took it home.

The grass really should be cut,  but I didn’t quite feel all that enthusiastic about using their reel mower.  Maybe tomorrow.  We’ll see.

It ain’t getting any shorter, so I suppose I should be a Good Dad.  




Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely wife. I hope forgetting the date didn't cause you any problems. Take care.

  2. Enjoying the anniversary, sounds like you did and were out of her hair for a while.
    Have fun with that reel mower, great workout.

  3. Don't get the weed flame thrower. Someone here in our park did and while using it he set the cedar hedge on fire and that led to the neighbors RV being destroyed and ensuing damage to other lots. While waiting for the fire dept. folks tried using garden hoses. Meanwhile someone else ( my landscaper ), retired volunteer fire fighter had the presence of mind to go around shutting off individual propane connections including BBQ's thus avoiding a disaster. It was not a pretty site in the aftermath. Those things are now banned here.

    Happy Anniversary. Hope you do something today to celebrate.....a nice bottle of wine.....

  4. You mean you don't have sexy boat shoes like that?

  5. Happy Anniversary! No better place to spend it than on a sailboat-of course remembering it was your anniversary would be good too:)


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