Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My face sorta hurts a little.

Always happens after I’ve gone to the dentist, which is where both Travelling Companion and I were this morning.  All was well in the tooth department,  but it’s really NOT my favourite thing to do. 

He was eyeing a tiny little irregularity that might need some attention in four or five years.  That works for me.  Other than that of course,  there’s the usual gut wrenching scrubbing,  picking, scraping and other such eye watering torture that took nearly an hour.  Such fun!

Speaking of “fun”,  of course I have to include at least a few more pictures of the weekend “Testo Festo” that we had up in Grand Bend.

We had been eyeing a pile of firewood at the back of the property that Henry felt he’d like to have split up one fine day.  Of course,  some of it was green,  so I was more or less keeping quiet on the subject.  (can’t really split green wood by hand, truth be told.)


So,  what could possibly get the adrenaline going any quicker than spotting a log splitter go by on the back of the neighbour’s truck?  

That’ll fill the quota in the “testo” department.



Now,  I don’t want to judge or anything,  but this thing was meant to be TOWED behind the truck,  not put in the bed.  Plus, the owner of the truck had a perfectly functional two inch hitch receiver on the truck!   I’m pretty sure I would have stopped at the hardware store and bought a drawbar if it had been me,  because putting that log splitter on the bed of the truck didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

Didn’t matter,  we had ‘er off there and fired up in no time.





Didn’t take long for us to go through the entire pile,  and work up a little sweat.  But then of course,  there was all that beer calling us from the cottage.



I’m just making sure I have the camera set up correctly.


And,  there we go.


Thankfully it wasn’t as humid as it had been today here at the Ponderosa,  or we would have *really* been sweating.


All in all,  I think it worked out pretty good all around.  Henry got his woodpile spilt up,  and we had a bit of fun with a noisy contraption.   Win win.


I suppose that’ll be it for today. It’s going to cool down again tonight.  T.C. is in the next room flipping over to the political debate once in a while.   I haven’t the stomach for it.

Oh,  for those of you in far off places,  we have a Provincial Election coming up in a couple weeks.  The Liberals had a minority government,  and the NDP didn’t allow the budget to get passed,  so now we’re having an election. 

It’s a hard choice to make between a party that wants to cut 100,000 public sector employees and then magically create a million more (we only have 13.5 million people in the whole province,  so that doesn’t compute)  another party that has pissed away a billion on some sort of “gas plant” scandal, and the third party who forced an election that will now cost us roughly $79 million.   Of course,  there’s the "Green Party", (not a lot of confidence) and the "Libertarian Party". 

I’m not so sure about them either.

See,  even with more than two parties,  there’s still very little in the way of actual choices.  But this isn’t about politics here, so we’ll let it go.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I like the way the media likes to play games with the public.
    The day the budget was read according to the CTV news that night "The leader of the Liberals didn't even wait for it to be voted down and had the Governor General call the election." A week later the same Liberal leader is saying "the NDP are the cause of the election". The same bull happened in 1990. Decide for yourself.
    Personally I think it is all a three ring circus filled with a bunch of clowns.

    It's about time.

  2. Nothing stirs up the testosterone like splitting wood!

  3. I think we should use a log splitter on all politicians! ;c)

  4. Have to agree that it is odd not to tow that splitter, especially since it was set up to be towed. Weren't we just talking about no sense in making a job harder than it has to be?

  5. Nothing like a good log splitter and a bunch of guys having fun. Sure do work up a thirst though. Gotta love this great weather.
    Politicians hmmm, no comment...

  6. At least you had enough guys around to do all that work. As you know it takes 1 or 2 to do the work and 3 or 4 to give advice. You had it covered easily.

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News


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