Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When you eat your desert first.

I suppose that could be construed as some sort of metaphor.  In that respect, it’s never been one of my little “life philosophies” either,  since  I’ve never quite understood how you get to play first, and work later.  But that’s just me.  Once in a while though,  one needs to make an exception. 

I’ll have to fill in a couple blanks here,  since the whole “travelogue”  aspect of the blog more or less fell by the wayside.  You may file your complaints with our complaints department.   It’s the little box up in the corner of your screen.  Click on it.

That should do it.


Plus,  now that I’ve managed to shed the two pounds that I took on as the result of driving for four days AND being the only one to snag a fine looking and tasting piece of Kremšnita,  I’m just about ready to broach the subject.  I swear I didn’t eat as much as I do when I’m here at home in Wienerland,  but somehow I still managed to put on a couple pounds.  I’m sure I don’t quite understand.  Doesn’t it burn some calories to drive?  Why do I get hungry?  *sigh*  If I try to fill up on coffee or water I just have to go pee,  so that doesn’t work.  It’s a conundrum I tell you!


So let’s back up here.  A week ago Sunday found us in Bled,  Slovenia.   This was after we had been more or less criss-crossing the country,  since we really and truly didn’t plan our overnights as well as we could have,  but you have to understand, Slovenia isn’t all that big,  so if you happen to back track,  it’s not a huge deal.

By that I mean,  we went to Bled,  and then back to Piran (on the coast),  after which we went on to Spittal an der Drau,  up in Austria.   I don’t recall at which point one of us said,  “Um, I think we did that wrong?”, but by then, it didn’t really matter.  Not like if,  oh I don’t know,  you forget something in Wisconsin, and don’t happen to remember it until you’re somewhere in Idaho.


Before getting to Bled though,  on the Sunday afternoon,  we thought we’d stop for a “quick bite” in a restaurant in Žužemberk.  There was a slight miscalculation when it came to portion size,  since we all should have shared two pizzas for the four of us,  but instead ended up having enough food for about nine people.  I don’t like leaving food on my plate, but I could not finish what was in front of me.  It’s a sad, sad thing to admit,  and I can still see that bit of unfinished pizza sitting on my plate.  Mocking me.


We sat outside.   That would be the place there,  taken from the castle.


Travelling Companion and I had been to this place before,  last year some time (was it?),  but we only had coffee (I think?),  but we knew it was a good place to eat,  since we had seen some of the food that came out of the kitchen.  Maybe we did eat something there?  I don’t remember.  I’m sure she’ll tell me.  She always does.


So obviously,  there was no room for desert.   Besides,  the *plan* was,  to eat in this particular “Pension”  that’s within walking distance of the hotel where we were staying in Bled.

We could see if from our hotel room.


We’ve never had any great ambitions about staying there,  we just eat the food.


The thing is though,  their restaurant is closed on Mondays,  (I know!!) which was why I had this grand scheme to get there to eat on the Sunday night.   Like I said,  that was the *plan*.  

What I didn’t quite plan on though,  was filling my face earlier in the afternoon with pizza,  and not being able to even think about eating a whole meal later that evening.  None of us could. 


But you know,  along towards six o’clock,  you start to think,  “Well, I could have some little thing,  just to fill in the void”?   That’s where the desert came in.

So we sauntered down to one of the local restaurants where we had had Kremšnita in the past, (many times, by the way) where I saw that there were only three pieces in the display case.  *ulp*

I spotted that on the way in.  I have a keen eye for that kind of thing.   I figured before too much time had passed,  I was going to order a piece right away,  you know,  because,  they might run out!   And that would really, really suck.   (I’m starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it!)

The ladies ordered salad or…something.  I don’t even remember what Rudy ordered.  Did I care?  I didn’t care.


Well.  (as he chuckles maniacally)  It turns out,  those were pretty much the last three pieces in town.

There was some talk amongst the others of “Having some tomorrow”,  or some other such silliness.  But sadly,  “tomorrow” never came.

And you know,  there have been a few stupid assed mistakes I’ve made in my life.  Eating that desert first,  was not one of them.  I just wanted to say that.


This was the little sign that greeted the “tomorrow” crowd when they thought they’d buy a few pieces “to go”.


You need to click on that one to get it to the *original* size,  and you’ll see what I mean.  Try not to mock the poor English.  Probably written by one of the pastry chefs.

In spite of the number of times that we’ve been to Bled,  I guess there was a whole chunk of information that I had been missing in the desert department,  since I didn’t realise that ALL of that particular desert comes from one place,  and one place only.  Hey,  I just eat the stuff,  I couldn’t care less how it’s made or where it comes from.

They even have a handy little display outside,  showing you just what you’re missing.



Well,  not what I was missing,  since I had had a piece the night before.  Did I mention that?  *snort*


So…that was the “catastrophe” that I had alluded to.  I guess some piece of equipment broke or something?  They had to send a driver off to the nearest kitchen supply outlet for a spare part?  Hopefully they weren’t closed on Monday too!

I suppose it was a good thing this had happened in the “off season”  in the tourist end of things, or it could have been worse!   Riots in the streets?  Man, it coulda got ugly!   We might have had to run for our lives.

OK fine,  it’s only desert,  but still…



By the way, back in August,  on another one of our little excursions,  we stopped for lunch just outside of Villach (in Austria) where we were told that the Kremšnita that we were about to order,  was “just the same”  as the original article that could be had in Bled.   


Not true.


First of all,  it never comes with chocolate on top.  And I like chocolate.  Don’t get me wrong.  But there’s a place for everything,  and that’s not one of the places for chocolate.  It’s a hard thing to try and describe just what that particular taste is, or should be,  but you’ll just have to go to Bled to find out.  Sort of a light custardy …..oh hell,  I don’t know.  It’s good,  that’s all I know.   And….I got the last piece.


I’m getting hungry here.  Trying not to drool.  Gotta go.



Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I never order dessert in a restaurant. There's never any room left after I've eaten my food. I think you've got something there! I might have to try it :)

  2. So tell me again how this was a disaster? Seems like you got your cake and ate it too. :)

    1. Ah. Right. Well, it was a 'disaster' (tongue firmly in cheek) for the town...and anyone wanting to eat cake.
      Plus, I could have had more! There was none to be had that day. Couldn't stick around for them to get their act together either. So maybe it was a partial disaster? Is there such a thing?

  3. I'm with you, Bob. I would have gone for the cake before dinner too. It would be a disaster to have waited and then missed out.

  4. It must be a "man" thing having dessert before dinner.

  5. Yeahhhh, lets have the dessert first, every day. I take it that Kremsnita means Cremeschnitten in German?
    Man, that must be soooo good.

  6. I got sooo hungry of reading this posting. I googled it and found that the desert is very similar to the Norwegian "napoleons kake". We loved it. Wikipedia says it is a vanilla and custard cream cake dessert. Exactly. Same thing. Awfully good!

  7. Good morning, Bob. Just read your blog after finding your comment on mine. Thanks for the offer of information, and I will definitely take you up on it next time I am here. For today, however, I am going to go see the stallions and sit with coffee somewhere and hopefully do nothing else. Three days in Vienna are not nearly enough!
    Sue at www.MoHoTravels.blogspot.com

  8. Hmmm...I think I figured it out. The dessert part first I mean! I also think that has something to do with the 2 pounds but I am not a scientist!


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