Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proof Reading "Wuthering Heights".

I was going to say I'm bored to distraction,  but those are just words.

I'm just taking a slight break from proof reading a piece of work brought home by Travelling Companion.   I seem to recall that at least in Wuthering Heights,  there was some kind of a plot.   There's not even a plot here.
Gawd am I ever glad I never thought I'd want to become an editor!
Hm,  wonder if they have a high suicide rate?

I can't even really say what it's all about since it's proprietary in nature.  Plus, there's no need for anyone else to be bored as well.  It's basically a blow by blow description of what this particular part of the Company that Cannot be Named does, when they do what they do.
That's the thing though.
I'm sure when they're "doing it",  it's already pretty boring.  So the description doesn't get much better.
Try to imagine an outline of programs and meetings,  to make sure that the proper meetings are being held to insure the absolute maximum number of meetings.   Something like that.
Oh,  and a bunch of catchy acronyms and abbreviations.

We're not talking the variety of horrid English that you might find on a Hungarian billboard,  since it's basically reasonably well written. 
Note choice of words.

So my job (for which by the way,  I am not getting compensated,  that would be a conflict of interest or something)  is to go over it with a fine tooth comb and preen it for the discerning eyes of the Grand Poobahs who will be coming down from On High later on this year for some sort of day of reckoning.
It's a tall order for a chunk of the company that,  up until a couple years ago,  was doing all their business in German.  
Think about that.
Just the same though,  it's probably best to avoid using such high falutin' words like, "inculcate"?  
I've never felt the need to use that word in my entire life,  and it might very well be used every so often on the campus of Oxford,  but none of these Grand Poobah types ever went there.  If any of them even went to Harvard I'd be surprised. 
There was a brief moment of excitement there when a chickadee managed to fly into the kitchen.  
And no,  that's not some sort of metaphor.    A tiny little bird really flew into the kitchen.
Of course,  before I could haul out the camera,  the smart little bugger had figured out which door he had come in and flew back out again.  Drat!

You'll have to take my word for it.

 Oh,  and of course everyone in North America is painfully aware of just how crappy their springtime has been up to now with fires (Texas) tornadoes (most everywhere)  floods (just about everywhere else).    So if it's any consolation,  our oh so nice weather is actually starting to become a concern for those who might like to have something to eat in a few months.

Apparently we haven't been getting enough rain,  and the soil is starting to dry out too much. 


 You can send me some of your rain,  but only at night!

 I see my editor's chair is beckoning.




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I guess I'll just have to do without that Gucci purse.