Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bob's Baking Bonanza.

So fine,  that's a complete exaggeration,  but there was some alliteration calling me,  and besides,  any baking on my part,  is pretty noteworthy.

I equate my baking ability to that of some people when it comes to driving a car with a standard transmission.
First of all,  there may indeed exist the required skill-set but moreover,  one is never really sure of the result,  and therefore the obvious choice is to simply not do it.

Just the same,  I start to get bloody tired of throwing out overly ripe bananas,  so I figured I'd take a stab at baking up some sort of concoction.  In the best of all possible worlds,  I'd have enough freezer space to maybe put them aside for an occasion when perhaps someone with more baking skills could then do something?  but freezer space in this place is pretty much at a premium.
 Don't want to get off on a rant here,  but suffice to say,  there's no "doubling up" of anything.  Need to buy extra bread?  Better check first if there's the required 50 cubic inches of space in the freezer! 

The other slight concern is getting the proper ingredients.  When a recipe calls for Baking Soda,  and not Baking Powder,  there's no hauling out the big ole box of Cow Brand.  It comes in these tiny little packages and it's called "Natron" in German.  No clue as to the etymology of that word,  but trust me,  that's the stuff.

There's the other slight problem in that I don't have an actual mixer,  but it turns out a potato masher worked just fine.


We're talking banana bread here,  OK?  There's some mashing involved.

And there we go....

Of course,  it would hardly be fair to go without a taste test...

The texture does seem a little course,  and that's partly due to my potato mashing technique I'm sure,  but I did notice that the flour does seem to be a little bit on the rough side. 
Maybe that's why I'm not overly keen on the bread here in Wienerland?

Doesn't matter. Tastes just fine.

Trust me.


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