Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Poutine.

But Putin.

Apparently he was in town for a judo match.  This was something I had noticed in the Kurier,  which is the newspaper that I pick up on a Saturday morning and peruse over the next day and a half,  but I didn't really pay much attention since I don't really give a rat's tiny behind what any foreign dignitaries are up to.
There was something about him,  along with something to do with judo,  but I didn't bother turning to page 18 or where ever it was to see what they were talking about.
You see a lot these types of shenanigans in Vienna where there's a line of black limos and bunch of cops driving furiously through town.  The self importance of the whole spectacle is enough to make you want to pick up some sort of projectile.

Probably not a wise choice.

So when we were strolling back to the subway stop after dining out Saturday night at "Frank's American Bar and Restaurant"  we were somewhat bemused when we encountered one of these spectacles outside another restaurant on Wollzeile
We're talking barricades to keep back the throngs,  a line of black cars,  along with what must have been at least two dozen cops and/or military types.
We didn't really hang around,  since neither of us could care less,  and it wasn't until today (Monday)  that I found out who was there.  Seems one of my travelling companion's associates passed on the info.
I suppose being able to get that sort of info is easier if you happen to have TV. 
Oh dear,  my life is in a shambles.

That would also explain the rather annoying helicopters that were flying over the first district on both Saturday and Sunday.  I guess it was the media.  I suppose I'll never really know.
Again,  would like to mention just how much I'll be lying awake at night wondering what I'm missing by not having TV.


Saturday was a shopping day again.

Just in case you somehow think I'm exaggerating,  I took a shot of the throng at Stephansplatz.   

At least this time we made a bee-line to the one shop we wanted to visit,  and only briefly looked around for a somewhat better computer bag.   Nothing jumped out at us,  so we got on the subway and got outta there.

Vienna would be just lovely if it weren't for all those people.

As I write this,  I can't help but be aware of just how many aircraft are coming in out of the West.  My guesstimate would be one plane every five minutes or so.   Usually the flights are going OUT of Vienna on a Monday morning,  but I suppose there's a whack of catching up to do.

Just glad it doesn't involve me.

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