Thursday, June 11, 2009

Was that summer?

We're pretty much down to counting the hours at this point when it comes to the going home plan.
Of course, when leaving for a couple weeks, it's not too clever to leave all that much in the fridge, so we'll be dining out tonight and tomorrow night.
Mind you, in the time that we've been at this location, we've never yet had a power outage, which was a far cry from the situation we had in Cabo Rojo. Aparently a brand new fridge there would typically only last a few years, since not only did the voltage go up and down like a toilet seat, but the power would also tend to go out completely about once a week.
There's this one restaurant that is right around the corner from the rather lack luster hotel where we stayed a year ago, and we figure we'll revisit that one tonight, and then maybe go to Het Witte Paard tomorrow.

We'll see.

I mean, I could always make pasta, but we've been shying away from too much pasta lately, since it's not the healthiest choice for anyone with blood sugar issues.
In desperation I can make it on the Sunday when we get back, since all stores are closed, and even the bakery is shut up for the day by the time we get here.

What has this to do with the weather you ask?

Well, the one thing I indeed have to do before we head off to bed for our last sleep tomorrow night, is to cut the lawn. I can't in good concience leave it for the two weeks, and the chances of finding someone to do it at this point are pretty slim. It's been my intention to get it sorted out over the next day or so, but we've suddenly been beset with some wet weather.
I've managed to dodge the squalls that we've been getting over the last few days and have done my usual running around on the bike, but there have been a couple times when it was coming down in buckets.
I just need a couple hours of sunlight for things to dry out a bit.
Then it's a matter of cleaning off the machine and leaving it out more or less in the middle of the garage so that our landlord can come by and pick it up at some point.

Remember him?

Anyway, the last time I saw the guy, I was in their store ordering a mattress, and he mentioned that he wanted to take the machine away to do a tune up and have a little repair done to the handle. It's a heavy machine, and I discovered last summer, that the handle was somewhat under engineered, and was developing some metal fatigue.
By this I mean, I have to lift up on the handle to turn the thing, otherwise it starts to bend.

Not fun.

Whether he actually comes and gets the POS is the subject of some speculation, since he's said he would do this before, and never showed up. Frankly I'll be quite surprised if he keeps his word. (seems he's a bit of a "talker")

In the grand scheme of things, I really don't give a rat's tiny behind.

But that is an entirely different story, and one that is not yet blog worthy.

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