Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Memories of Luxembourg

Let me start off by saying that our most recent memory, and one that we'd like to forget, came about within the first hour of the car ride on the way back home. We got rid of that particular "memory" when we were able to make a stop at a rest area somewhere inside Germany.

Perhaps I should explain.

The purpose of the entire trip was to meet up with our friend Jennifer, who is currently living in St Prex, Switzerland.
Anyhoo, since we decided to check out of the hotel and head into the downtown area of Luxembourg on the Sunday, Jenn offered to drive, which afforded me the opportunity to see what a proper gps is supposed to look like....

(See? It has a map.)
...and of course, to gawk out the window, which can be tricky when you're always the one at the wheel.
When we were finally driving back to where we had parked the car, I did catch a whiff of something, but since I'm not the blood hound I used to be, I couldn't quite come up with the exact nature of the offending flagrance, so I sort of filed it away.

We said our good-byes and took off.

Jenn was heading to Bonn, and we were heading back home.

I think the moment of zen came about after a few minutes when our car started to get all toasty-like, and once again, I caught a whiff of something, and I honestly said to myself, "man, my breath smells like sh*t!".

So I had a mint, and then another, but it wasn't helping.
It was still there, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, and figured maybe it was coming from me somehow, so just as I was going through the motions of sniffing my clothes, I looked over at Gabe and she was doing the same thing.

Now, in hindsight I regret that I just might have used a somewhat sharp tone when I asked, "Did you step in dog cr*p?"

And yes, it seems she had been carrying along a honkin' big souvenir of Luxembourg on her shoe, which she had nestled nicely up by the heater.

Mmmmm.....warm dog poo!!!

So even though we didn't have the proper export license for that little item, we dropped it off in Germany.

Note to travellers to Luxembourg: Stick to the pathways, no matter how icy the conditions might be. Better yet, go in the summer time.

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